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2012 Mod re-released as Laptop Edition

26-Sep-20 by TomMK

My old Laptop Editions - stand-alone versions of the game optimised for high frame-rates / low PO - were fairly popular in the past but I discontinued them because as I progressed with mod-building I realised the quality of those early versions wasn't great. So I'm going to revisit some of my favourite mods and rebuild them in that format. First up is the 2012 Mod, available on the new Mods page.


26-Sep-20 by TomMK

Thanks to the amazing Samuele (32BOBO32) the site has a brand new look. Thank you so much Samuele for the new logo!

New Downloads page

2-Jul-20 by TomMK

The Mods page has been needing some TLC for a long time so I've created this updated page. We'll be moving all the mods over to this format shortly.

Why so quiet?

6-Apr-20 by TomMK

Sorry for the absense folks - it's been a busy few months for me and GP4 Central has been neglected a bit due to other priorities. I'll be aiming to get some updates to the site done shortly and also get rid of these silly browser malware warnings - they (wrongly) detect GP4 Tweaker Reloaded as malware due to the way it injects code into GP4.exe - for now I have simply removed that file from the Downloads section. It is still available at grandprixgames.org.

Hotlaps Round 2

20-Sep-19 by TomMK

Round 2 is now open at the super high speed Boromo Superveloz by F1 Virtual & Turbo Lover. Join us and submit a lap in the Hotlaps section!

kedy89 mods at GP4 Central

15-Sep-19 by TomMK

Another great modder joins the fold at GP4 Central today - mods by kedy89 (aka Tobi) will be hosted on GP4 Central going forward.

It's another step to making this site the Central place for mods so I'm really pleased to welcome Tobi to the team.

MSchumi24 mods at GP4 Central

6-Sep-19 by TomMK

I'm delighted to announce that MSchumi's mods will be hosted on GP4 Central going forward. This is the first of several partnerships I hope to bring to the site in the near future.

The intention is to re-establish GP4 Central as a one-stop location to get the content you need to just update and play GP4 quickly and easily, so our focus will be mainly on Mods and Tracks.

GP4 Central Championship - Season 6 Opener

6-Sep-19 by TomMK

The new Hotlaps season is underway - you can join in using either the CSM or Non-CSM version so it is open to all! First up is a high-speed thrash around the Australian outback at AUS-Doug's Jangka-Mardarni.

GP4 Central Championship - Season 6

3-Sep-19 by TomMK

Let's do some more hotlaps! In our previous season we followed the real F1 season across the first 8 venues of the real season. This time I want to focus on highlighting some of the other fantastic track-building skills of the GP4 community, so we'll be racing on a variety of fictional or historical venues.

The season kicks-off this Friday 6-Sep using the latest GP4 Central 2018 Mod. Discuss the season here at grandprixgames.org. See you on track!

2018 Mod update

27-Aug-19 by TomMK

I've uploaded a minor update to the 2018 Mod (CSM version). Find it in the Mods section. I'm hoping to get the final release plus part 1 of the trackpack ready for release by the time the current F1 season ends, so stay tuned.

Hotlaps Competition Result

23-Aug-19 by TomMK

The fifth season of Hotlaps at GP4 Central was won by Jcaranti after an epic, season-long duel with NicoH. Thank you and well played to all involved, it was a great competition and I hope you enjoyed it. There'll be another season around the corner so stay tuned for more...

Hotlaps Round 2 Complete

9-Apr-19 by TomMK

The second round of our hotlap competition has finished, the results are posted on the Hotlap page.

Thanks very much to everyone who is participating! We will continue to follow the real F1 season to Shanghai next, round 3 starts on Friday. Please look out for a new version of the CSM Mod before we start.

Round 2 at Bahrain

29-Mar-19 by TomMK

Round 2 starts today at Sakhir, Bahrain. Thanks to F1 Virtual again for the track.

Join in by visiting the Hotlap page.

Hotlap Competition Season Opener

12-Mar-19 by TomMK

Pre-Season Testing is now finished - thanks to those who participated and helped get the mod ready for the start of the season!

The first event starts this Friday 15-Mar at Melbourne. Make sure you join us by visiting the Hotlap page.

See you at Melbourne!

Hotlap Competition

15-Feb-19 by TomMK

It's been away for a while, but the GP4 Central hotlapping competition is back today.

The competition is a casual, offline hotlapping series open to all GP4 players. It's super easy to participate, so head over to the Hotlap page and join us!

See the full announcement at grandprixgames.org.

Info page restored

8-Feb-19 by TomMK

There's not much info on it yet, but I've started to restore the Info page. It's intended to provide the essential information for new users to get up and running, so if there's anything you think would be useful please let me know!

New Build of 2018 Mod

1-Feb-19 by TomMK

An updated 2018 mod beta is ready. This build has Magic Data for most tracks and an updated performance file. Find it in the Downloads area.

New Mod

25-Jan-19 by TomMK

I've started work on the latest season mod - check out the beta version of the 2018 CSM Mod by GP4 Central in the Downloads area.

Site online

4-Jan-19 by TomMK

GP4 Central is online again.

You may - or may not - have noticed that GP4 Central has been away for a little over a year, due to some (very positive) developments in personal life that left no time for gaming. The website's hosting expired, I wasn't paying attention, and with it went the site.

The intention for this site at the outset was a hub for all the great content being produced for our beloved sim. But that proved impossible (for me) for a couple of reasons; firstly the sheer amount of time it takes to administer the vast (and still growing) collection of content, and secondly the realisation that it is actually not in the best interests of some of our content creators (who ARE the game, and therefore should be respected).

So with the relaunch comes a new goal - a home for my few mods built using the community's excellent content, to allow those who just want to get on and play GP4 to do so as easily as possible.

'GP4 Central' then, may no longer be the right name. But for continuity, it will remain. Plus the domain name is paid for.

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